2024 ABCs of School Choice Available Now

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In just three years, the number of states with universal or near-universal private school choice programs has grown from zero to 10 and the number of students eligible for these programs has increased by 60 percent.

Iowa kicked off 2023 mere days into the year when it passed the first universal education savings account program of the year. In fact, the momentum has been so strong that in the time it took EdChoice to print and mail the 2023 ABCs of School Choice, not one but two states created universal education savings accounts programs!

Policymakers in 40 states debated 111 educational choice bills—79 percent of which related to ESAs. As the months ticked by, a total of seven states enacted new choice programs and 10 expanded ones already in operation. As of this writing, eight states have joined Arizona and West Virginia in offering all students choice, making 2023 the Year of Universal Choice.

With the release of this latest edition of The ABCs of School Choice, approximately 20 million students—or 36 percent—are now eligible for a private choice program.

In light of the monumental expansion of broad educational choice programs, we’ve updated The ABCs to better reflect the changing landscape of educational freedom in the United States. You may notice we are publishing an early edition months sooner than we historically have so stakeholders, policymakers, and local leaders have this critical data in-hand when they need it most. The book includes program data available through the end of November.

You’ll also notice that we’ve added new features that highlight the emerging trends we are seeing in the school choice landscape.

This year, you’ll find more maps so you can easily understand the school choice landscape, viewing at a glance which states have universal programs, which limit by students’ means, those that require testing of participants, and more. You’ll also find a new category of programs—refundable tax credits—as we work to better capture the ways different states make choice work for their families. And, with the growth of programs, we’ve moved some data online so you can more easily view the program-specific guidelines for parents, schools, and scholarship granting organizations.

The ABCs of School Choice remains the most-cited school choice resource by lawmakers across the country, serving as the best data-rich, comprehensive guide to every private school choice program in America.

As we work to maintain momentum to ensure every student has access to the learning environment of their family’s choosing, we invite you to study individual policies. Explore and compare choice within and across states. Delve into a program’s regulations and legal history. Envision what true educational freedom could look like for your state or family.

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