The 2019 “ABCs of School Choice” Handbook Features You Should Know

Which new 2019 ABCs of School Choice features matter most? We boiled them down for you in the list below. Check them out, and don’t forget to pre-order your free print copy by hitting the button below.


The ABCs of School Choice is a comprehensive handbook to every private school choice program in America.

The handbook includes:

at-a-glance definitions for all different school choice program types
charts showing the growth of private school choice nationwide since 1990
private school choice program profiles for every single state with education savings accounts (ESAs), school vouchers and tax-credit scholarships

School choice program profiles include:

official enacted and launched dates
up-to-date breakdowns of student funding and eligibility as defined in statute
actionable recommendations—curated by EdChoice’s team of experts
at-a-glance data points
governing statues
program rules and regulations
charts showing program participation over time
unique short links to program pages on EdChoice’s website, which are kept updated in real time all year long.


What’s new in 2019?

If you’re an avid subscriber, you will notice that we have removed the full program profiles dedicated to individual tax credit and deduction programs. They are not gone, however, as we still consider them to be a type of school choice program, though the weakest in terms of accessibility to families and overall purchasing power. You’ll now find a list of them with important definitions and data you should know in a special spread on pages 131 and 132.

Brand new to the 2019 ABCs of School Choice handbook is a new spread on 529s. What is a 529 savings plan? Can it be used for K–12 expenses? Does it count as true school choice? We provide clarity and brevity to this complicated topic on pages 133 and 134.


What do the colors mean?

If a program is pink, it is an education savings account.

If a program is orange, it is a school voucher.

If a program is green, it is a tax-credit scholarship.

Seeing yellow on pages 131 and 132? You’re about to learn about individual tax credit or deduction programs, which include refundable tax credits.

Seeing blue on pages 133 and 134? You’re about to learn about 529 savings plans.

That’s a wrap. You’re ready to start learning more about America’s school choice programs. Enjoy!


Don’t forget! All of the information featured in our ABCs of School Choice is available and kept updated in real time on our website. If you’re looking for a web version of our ABCs of School Choice, we encourage you to start with our School Choice in America Dashboard, an interactive map and data dashboard you can sort and download. You can even click through to your specific state and school choice program pages, get our EdChoice Expert Feedback and more. Click here to start exploring.

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