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School Choice

School Choice in America

More than half of the United States offer families educational choice options.


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Get participation, eligibility and funding data for America’s educational choice programs.


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State Program Type Program Name Participation Participation Rate Eligibility Eligibility Rate Average Funding Public Funding Schools
ALTax-Credit ScholarshipAlabama – Education Scholarship Program3,885*2%190,82339%$4,188†46%199
AZTax-Credit ScholarshipArizona – Original Individual Income Tax Credit Scholarship Program30,0495%665,587100%$1,84625%338
AZTax-Credit ScholarshipArizona – Low-Income Corporate Income Tax Credit Scholarship Program16,5735%354,00053%$1,89225%237
AZTax-Credit ScholarshipArizona – Lexie’s Law for Disabled and Displaced Students Tax Credit Scholarship Program8081%132,91112%$4,44762%137
AZEducation Savings AccountArizona – Empowerment Scholarship Accounts3,365*1%254,28222%$9,056†120%134
AZTax-Credit ScholarshipArizona – “Switcher” Individual Income Tax Credit Scholarship Program16,4931%1,101,14995%$1,49618%317
ARVoucherArkansas – Succeed Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities20*<1%66,60313%$6,64669%17*
COVoucherColorado – Douglas County Choice Scholarship Program4941%64,42195%$4,57251%21
DCVoucherDistrict of Columbia – Opportunity Scholarship Program1,1667%17,62032%$9,472†51%42
FLVoucherFlorida – John M. McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Program30,392*8%392,23013%$7,217†82%1,432
FLTax-Credit ScholarshipFlorida Tax Credit Scholarship Program98,457*15%675,70938%$5,458†62%1,722
FLEducation Savings AccountFlorida – Gardiner Scholarship Program7,4632%361,85212%$8,840101%1,276
GAVoucherGeorgia Special Needs Scholarship Program4,1852%199,85111%$5,61461%235
GATax-Credit ScholarshipGeorgia – Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit12,9171%1,698,28793%$3,42537%400
ILIndividual Tax Credit/DeductionIllinois – Tax Credits for Educational Expenses285,97221%1,348,476100%$2802%N/A
INTax-Credit ScholarshipIndiana – School Scholarship Tax Credit9,4243%345,13449%$1,66817%327
INVoucherIndiana – Choice Scholarship Program34,2996%607,12554%$4,02442%313
INIndividual Tax Credit/DeductionIndiana – Private School/Homeschool Deduction53,174*51%104,8749%$1,805*19%N/A
IAIndividual Tax Credit/DeductionIowa – Tuition and Textbook Tax Credit133,31039%340,225100%$1151%N/A
IATax-Credit ScholarshipIowa – School Tuition Organization Tax Credit10,8487%147,09143%$1,62415%140
KSTax-Credit ScholarshipKansas – Tax Credit for Low Income Students Scholarship Program188<1%111,45622%$1,69317%90
LAVoucherLouisiana Scholarship Program7,1103%285,65536%$5,85654%121
LAIndividual Tax Credit/DeductionLouisiana – Elementary and Secondary School Tuition Deduction106,54993%115,17814%$4,06038%N/A
LAVoucherLouisiana – School Choice Program for Certain Students with Exceptionalities3422%19,2016%$2,26421%22
LATax-Credit ScholarshipLouisiana – Tuition Donation Rebate Program1,7061%218,32346%$4,24139%163
MEVoucherMaine – Town Tuitioning Program5,727100%5,7273%$11,162‡88%64
MNIndividual Tax Credit/DeductionMinnesota – Education Deduction209,96334%613,580100%$1,15410%N/A
MNIndividual Tax Credit/DeductionMinnesota – K–12 Education Credit52,04643%121,93920%$2592%N/A
MSVoucherMississippi Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship for Students with Dyslexia Program1591%13,0312%$4,98060%3
MSVoucherMississippi – Nate Rogers Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Program00%13,6043%$00%0
MSEducation Savings AccountMississippi – Equal Opportunity for Students with Special Needs Program425<1%66,42113%$6,63780%21
NVTax-Credit ScholarshipNevada – Educational Choice Scholarship Program551<1%149,28853%$10,825129%91
NHTax-Credit ScholarshipNew Hampshire – Education Tax Credit Program178<1%41,20832%$1,95014%35
NCVoucherNorth Carolina – Special Education Scholarship Grants for Children with Disabilities957*<1%196,60512%$5,380†63%247
NCVoucherNorth Carolina – Opportunity Scholarships5,515*1%436,79641%$4,386†52%437
OHVoucherOhio – Cleveland Scholarship Program8,59419%44,807100%$3,10127%34
OHVoucherOhio – Autism Scholarship Program3,32514%24,1471%$20,279179%272
OHVoucherOhio – Educational Choice Scholarship Program22,89212%183,65510%$4,25737%472
OHVoucherOhio – Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program4,6352%257,49514%$9,79486%263
OHVoucherOhio – Income-Based Scholarship Program7,8401%708,62458%$3,76133%472
OKVoucherOklahoma – Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarships for Students with Disabilities5531%106,02916%$6,28580%49
OKTax-Credit ScholarshipOklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarships1,336<1%325,52178%$94012%87
PATax-Credit ScholarshipPennsylvania – Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program34,8265%663,97453%$1,58711%N.A.
PATax-Credit ScholarshipPennsylvania – Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program14,98712%127,6747%$2,31217%N.A.
RITax-Credit ScholarshipRhode Island – Tax Credits for Contributions to Scholarship Organizations5031%41,07439%$3,02420%41
SCTax-Credit ScholarshipSouth Carolina – Educational Credit for Exceptional Needs Children2,1002%100,16413%$4,07842%105
UTVoucherUtah – Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship Program9051%78,22412%$4,93876%42
VTVoucherVermont – Town Tuitioning Program3,350100%3,3504%$13,15277%435
VATax-Credit ScholarshipVirginia – Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits Program2,4191%338,57838%$2,56423%138
WIVoucherWisconsin – Milwaukee Parental Choice Program28,18856%49,95175%$7,38466%121
WIVoucherWisconsin – Parental Private School Choice Program (Racine)2,53230%8,34753%$7,33765%19
WIVoucherWisconsin – Parental Choice Program (Statewide)3,06188%3,48714%$7,39966%121
WIIndividual Tax Credit/DeductionWisconsin – K–12 Private School Tuition Deduction38,500†27%142,72415%$4,696†42%N/A
ALIndividual Tax Credit/DeductionAlabama – Accountability Act of 2013 Parent-Taxpayer Refundable Tax Credits141<1%34,3214%$2,69930%N/A
MTTax-Credit ScholarshipMontana – Tax Credits for Contributions to Student Scholarship Organizations25<1%151,730100%$5005%12
NVEducation Savings AccountNevada – Education Savings AccountsN.A.N.A.453,02496%$5,139†61%N.A.
TNEducation Savings AccountTennessee – Individualized Education Account Program47<1%18,0612%$6,600†76%9
SCIndividual Tax Credit/DeductionSouth Carolina – Refundable Educational Credit for Exceptional Needs ChildrenN.A.N.A.99,10113%$10,000‡103%N/A
WIVoucherWisconsin – Special Needs Scholarship Program206<1%120,43113%$12,000107%23
SDTax-Credit ScholarshipSouth Dakota – Partners in Education Tax Credit Program2811%43,98247%$7488%43
MDVoucherMaryland – Broadening Options and Opportunities for Students Today (BOOST) Program2,4472%156,13225%$1,94314%171

Note: Year is school-year ending or calendar year, depending on the program. Please click the name of the program to see the program page for more detail.


* Partial Data

† Projected Amount

‡ Maximum Amount


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