EdChoice commends New Hampshire for Passing Education Freedom Accounts into Law

New Hampshire Legislators show ongoing commitment to School Choice. 

INDIANAPOLIS—EdChoice, a national nonprofit organization that promotes state-based educational choice programs, commends the state of New Hampshire for embracing educational opportunity and expanding both the state’s school choice programs.

This month, lawmakers in both legislative chambers approved House Bill 2, by a vote of 198-181 in the House and 14-10 in the Senate, which includes education freedom accounts (EFAs), a form of education savings accounts. New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu signed the legislation today.

“By enacting education Freedom Accounts, New Hampshire has lived up to its state motto. Allowing low- and middle-income families to have the freedom to customize their child’s education ensures the Granite State will continue to lead the way for educational choice,” said Robert Enlow, EdChoice President and CEO.

The Education Freedom Account Program allows for families with a household income below 300 percent of the federal poverty level to be eligible for an account. EFAs would let families use a portion of the state funding (on average $4,600 per account) to pay for a variety of educational expenses. Uses include private school tuition, tutoring, textbooks, educational therapy and more.

In the wake of the pandemic, parents told us they want to rethink and reimagine education. NH parents believe they should have the power to spend the taxes they pay for education on an education that they know will work for their children.

“New Hampshire families in need are grateful and relieved that the members of the legislature voted to enact Education Freedom Accounts for low- and moderate-income children. They have truly empowered New Hampshire families to get the education that is best-suited to their children’s learning needs,” said Kate Baker, Executive Director at Children’s Scholarship Fund NH.

EdChoice has worked with state partners in New Hampshire since 2002, helping train parent advocates and educate policymakers on the benefits of choice.