Jennifer Wagner, Author at EdChoice

Where The Governors Stand On School Choice 2020

Wondering where the nation’s newly elected or re-elected governors stand on education reform—and specifically on the issue of private school choice? We’ve collected their public and campaign statements here.

Survey: But What About The Kids?

Our new poll reveals teen views on back-to-school, the pandemic and other hot topics.

What to Do About ‘Bad Parents’ in K–12 Education

You can decide for yourself which parents you think didn’t live up to the good parenting standard, but you might want to ask yourself whether you’re judging someone for their choices or their circumstances.

Top Five Questions About Teacher Pay

As teacher protests continue, we share answers to the top five questions we get asked about teacher pay

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New Poll Shows Americans Are More Than A Little Confused About K–12 Education

EdNext survey reveals what parents, teachers, Democrats and Republicans know about schooling in America—and what they want to change

The School Choice Landscape Following the 2018 Election

Where the states stand after midterm gubernatorial, legislative races

Where Governors Stand on School Choice 2018

There were 36 gubernatorial races in the 2018 cycle, and Democrats picked up a total of seven seats nationwide.

Has School Choice Become a Purple America Issue?

New Gallup poll finds bipartisan support for educational choice as part of President Trump’s agenda

Friday Freakout: Are Schools that Use Marketing Tactics Bad?

As someone who experienced the 1990s as a teenager, I’ll confess that I listened to my share of Dave Matthews Band. In one song, backed by light guitar and keyboard,

Progressive to Progressive: Scare Tactics Won’t Work

Anyone who’s ever worked in politics can tell you it’s far easier to be against something than to be for something. When I was a carefree 20-something working as

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