EdChoice statement on Nevada Supreme Court ruling affirming constitutionality of ESA program, calling for new funding source

INDIANAPOLIS — EdChoice President and CEO Robert Enlow issued the following statement in response to a Nevada Supreme Court ruling today that upheld the legality of Nevada’s nearly universal education savings account (ESA) program:

“This is a big win for thousands of Nevada families who are clamoring for schooling options to make sure their kids have an opportunity to succeed in life. The Nevada Supreme Court ruled the state’s nearly universal ESA program constitutional on almost every front. This landmark ruling affirms the legality of the program and denies challenges based on the type of schooling families might choose for their students.

“The Court also ruled that the Legislature must find an alternate funding source for the program, which means these families, who have been waiting for more than nine months, will have to wait a little longer before they can use these accounts to help their children.

“We encourage the Nevada Legislature and Governor to move quickly to consider an alternate funding stream for the ESA program so that the more than 8,000 Nevada students waiting to use these accounts can do so as soon as possible.”

Click here to read a copy of the opinion.

EdChoice is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing full and unencumbered educational choice as the best pathway to successful lives and a stronger society. EdChoice believes that families, not bureaucrats, are best equipped to make K-12 schooling decisions for their children. The organization works at the state level to educate diverse audiences, train advocates and engage policymakers on the benefits of high-quality school choice programs. EdChoice is the intellectual legacy of Milton and Rose D. Friedman, who founded the organization in 1996 as the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice.