EdChoice on lawsuit filed against Tennessee ESA program

INDIANAPOLIS—EdChoice, a national nonprofit organization that promotes state-based educational choice programs, released the following statement from Vice President of Legal Affairs Leslie Hiner regarding a lawsuit filed today against the newly enacted Tennessee education savings account (ESA) program:

“This is a sad day for families in Tennessee.

“When government leaders have no faith in families, that’s a problem. This is the situation in Nashville and Memphis, where today, Metro Nashville, Davidson County, Metro Nashville Board of Public Education and Shelby County filed a lawsuit to block Tennessee’s recently enacted Education Savings Account (ESA) voucher program.

“Tennessee’s ESA was designed to assist low income families whose children are zoned to attend schools in districts with the greatest number of lowest performing schools in the state. Students attending schools in Nashville and Memphis qualify. Leaders in those cities cynically view the law as political, but they miss the point – vouchers are not about schools or government leaders. Tennessee’s ESA is for families whose children are failing to thrive in Tennessee school districts with the lowest performing schools.

“EdChoice will stand with families in Tennessee who believe their children can succeed, and who seek the help of Tennessee’s ESA to enroll their children in schools where leaders also believe their children can succeed.”