EdChoice on Montana Supreme Court ruling against tax-credit scholarships

INDIANAPOLIS—EdChoice, a national nonprofit organization that promotes state-based educational choice programs, released the following statement on the Montana Supreme Court’s ruling today against the state’s tax-credit scholarship program being used by families to attend religious schools:

“The Montana Supreme Court, in an extraordinary departure from years of legal precedent set by state, federal, and U.S. Supreme Court decisions, ruled that the state’s tax-credit scholarship program is unconstitutional under the Montana Constitution. No other court rendering a final decision regarding tax-credit scholarship programs has reached the same conclusion—not even those states whose constitution’s language aligns with the Montana Constitution.

“This ruling is a bitter slap in the face to families in Montana who use scholarships to help their children access an education that is the best fit for them, where they can learn and become successful adults. We will stand with Montana’s families as we support Kendra Espinoza’s appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, just as we were honored to be part of this case at the state level.”