Universal Choice for Arizona Families

ARIZONA, July 7, 2022 – Today, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a historic measure to give every student in Arizona access to Empowerment Scholarship Accounts. This is a bold move, and EdChoice applauds Gov. Ducey and the Arizona legislators who passed HB 2853, a bill expanding Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account to be universal. The proposal advances choice for all Arizona families and embodies Milton and Rose Friedman’s dream of universal education freedom for every child.

Arizona has enacted one of the nation’s most expansive education savings account (ESA) programs. Over one million children will qualify for the program, providing high quality educational opportunities to many who may not have had access before.

The pandemic has been a turbulent time in education. Families have faced daunting challenges and students have experienced dramatic learning losses. With this passage, Arizona has the opportunity to meet the moment, recognizing that access to more educational options is more important than ever.

EdChoice commends those policymakers and partners in Arizona who have taken leadership to expand educational choice to all of Arizona’s children and families.