Schooling in America Series Roundup

In our Schooling in America Series, EdChoice Research Assistant Michael Shaw delved deeper into our 2018 national survey data. From evaluating rural communities post-election to K–12 funding, he unpacks data to reveal the views of school parents, public school teachers and the public on K–12 education, the teaching profession, school choice and more.

Check out all of the posts in this series in the roundup below.

1. Schooling in America Series: Getting to Know Our Teachers
Are teachers happy in their jobs? Who do teachers trust the most? Shaw answers these questions and more using survey responses from 777 public school teachers.

2. Schooling in America Series: Getting to Know School Parents
Find out to which types of schools parents would prefer to send their children. Why do they pick those schools? We have the answer to that, too.

3. Schooling in America Series: Getting to Know the Public on Public Education
While only 42 percent of American households are made up of school-aged children, education ranked as the second-highest issue in statewide political races last year. Find out why the masses care and what they’re saying about public education.

4. Schooling in America Series: K–12 Education Funding
Does the public actually know what the U.S. spends on K–12 education? In this post, we take a look at school funding and discover just what Americans think about where the money goes (or doesn’t go).

5. Schooling in America Series: The Public on School Choice
We talked about general K–12 education. Now, it’s time to narrow in on school choice. Find out what Americans know about educational choice and their views on education savings accounts, vouchers, tax-credit scholarships and charter schools.

6. Schooling in America Series: The Public on Accountability
Today, education accountability systems are largely based on standardized test scores. In this post, we learn who the public thinks we should hold accountable for the performance of our K–12 public education system and how.

7. Schooling in America Series: Teachers’ Views on Accountability and School Choice
In this post, we unpack educators’ views on school choice and accountability systems. How do teachers compare to the public? Find out.

8. Schooling in America Series: Parents’ Views on Accountability and School Choice
What do parents know about school choice? Do they favor ESAs over tax-credit scholarships? We take a closer look at parents’ views of school choice and education accountability policies.

9. Schooling in America Series: Rural Revisited
In the final installment in the series, we focus on how education policy affects rural communities. We find out how often rural parents have moved closer to school, taken an additional job or changed jobs to support their children’s education.