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Oct 20

National Dyslexia Awareness Month and Educational Choice

  Thanks to Mississippi’s Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship for Students with Dyslexia Program—the only one of its kind in the country—Karla was able to enroll...
Oct 11

Breaking Down Our “2016 Schooling in America” Survey

  Born between 1981 and 1997, Millennials are approximately 75 million strong, and the percentage of Millennials that make up America’s school parent population...
Oct 04

BRIEF: School Choice in the States September 2016

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION Connecticut  In Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding v Jodi M. Rell, the Superior Court in Hartford ruled, on September...
Oct 03

How Technology and Choice Give High School Drop-Outs the Second Chance They Deserve

I am a high school drop-out. Despite graduating from college with honors, earning two graduate degrees and professional success, my status as a high...
Sep 30

State Legislators Are Listening to You. Now What?

EdChoice recently released an in-depth survey of nearly 350 state legislators across the United States. It’s the first phone-only survey of its kind to...
Sep 28

The Next Accountability Part 3: What We Don’t Want from Schools

In this series we have been looking at some uncomfortable truths about education policy. In this installment we’re going to look at how the...
Sep 27

How to Accurately Calculate the Fiscal Impact of School Voucher Programs

Some may not admit it, but many of us cringe when a conversation turns to numbers and math. Well, we’re taking it there with...
Sep 20

Breaking Down the EdChoice “Surveying State Legislators” Report

In our Surveying State Legislators report, we share findings from a phone survey of state legislators from across the country. It’s worth noting that...
Sep 15

Student Stories: How My School Choice Inspired Me to Teach

My name is Lennon. From kindergarten until my junior year, I have attended private, parochial schools. My elementary and middle school years were fondly...
Sep 07

BRIEF: School Choice in the States August 2016

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION   Nevada – Michael Chartier @mchart1 It has been more than a month since the Nevada Supreme Court heard arguments in the...

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