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The 2023 EdChoice Yearbook Superlatives

After some major wins for school choice, see which programs made the EdChoice team's annual yearbook superlatives.

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2023 EdChoice Share: Where Are America’s Students Educated?

Where are families choosing to send their students to be educated?

2023 EdChoice Spending Share: Private School Choice Versus Total K–12

A breakdown of how much money states spend on private school choice programs.

Ep. 353: What’s Up with National School Choice Week

On this episode of What's Up with Mike McShane, two team members of the National School Choice Week Foundation, Shelby Doyle and Krissia Campos Spivey, talk about the exciting plans they have to celebrate this last week of January.

Ep. 352: Monthly Tracker – November 2022

Members of our team discuss the findings from the recent November poll and also reflect back on the year. 

Ep. 351: Monthly State Update – Election Results

In this monthly state update, we check in with the Policy and Advocacy team as they tell us the results from the recent gubernatorial elections that went in in many states across the country.

Support for School Choice Rose in December 2022, Quarter of Parents Report Switching School Types

Support for School Choice Rose in December 2022, Quarter of Parents Report Switching School Types

Mapping Drive Times from Private Schools in Nebraska

Nebraska families do not have access to the diverse educational opportunities families in many other states enjoy.

Where U.S. Governors Stand on School Choice – 2022

The 2022 gubernatorial races have concluded, see which candidates won and their stances on school choice.

Schooling in America Series: Support for Universal Education Savings Account Trends Upward

Expansive school choice legislation reflects the policy preferences of most Americans

Schooling in America Series: How Different Regions View Choice

Survey shows geography influences what people know, think about schools

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Top Takeaways November 2022

Parents don’t really know what the NAEP is, and they are more likely to think their state improved academically despite most states seeing a decline in test scores.

Ep. 350: School Surveys – Kansas Private School Survey

In this episode of EdChoice Chats, our Director of State Relations Jordan Zakery and Research Analyst John Kristof speak with James Franko from the Kansas Policy Institute to discuss the findings from the new Kansas private school survey.

Ep. 349: What’s Up with Teachers’ Unions – Michael Hartney

On today's episode of What's Up with Mike McShane, we chat with Michael Hartney and his book on teachers' unions and their role in education policy.

Ep. 348: Monthly Tracker – Teacher Poll Results

It's the Teacher Survey edition! Our Research team is going over some findings from our most recent teacher polling wave.

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Teen Perspectives – Fall 2022

Explore the top takeaways from this wave of our teens public opinion tracker.

Ep. 347: Monthly Tracker – October 2022

In this episode of EdChoice Chats, members of the research team break down some findings they found most interesting from our general population poll fielded from October 7 – October 9th, 2022. 

Public Opinion Tracker: Teacher Survey Top Takeaways – October 2022

Eleven takeaways from the teacher polling wave.


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