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Jan 24

U.S. States Ranked by Educational Choice Share, 2019

Where are America’s students getting their education? Which types of schools and educational settings are they choosing? First, this post—our second annual—coins the term...
Jan 23

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Purchasing Power, 2019 Edition

Our team has never been shy about our focus on broad eligibility in school choice programs, but a program that’s open to all families...
Jan 22

Legal Updates with Leslie: Florida, Maine, Montana, New Mexico and Tennessee

In today’s episode of EdChoice Chats, Vice President of Communications Jennifer Wagner chats with Vice President of Legal Affairs Leslie Hiner about several court...
Jan 22

The States Ranked by Spending on School Choice Programs, 2019 Edition

Have you ever wanted to know how much your state spends on school choice programs compared to what it spends on K–12 education as...
Jan 21

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Participation, 2019 Edition

Which of America’s school choice programs has the most students participating? What about the least? In this post, we rank America’s school choice programs...
Jan 21

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Eligibility, 2019 Edition

At EdChoice, eligibility is one of the most important factors in analyzing a school choice program. We believe that all parents—regardless of geography, income...
Jan 16

The 2019 “ABCs of School Choice” Handbook Features You Should Know

Which new 2019 ABCs of School Choice features matter most? We boiled them down for you in the list below. Check them out, and...
Jan 15

The Monthly Debrief Podcast with the EdChoice State Team – December 2018 to January 2019

LISTEN ON ITUNES LISTEN ON STITCHER Our Podcast Transcribed Michael Chartier: All right, everyone. Thank you to our new 2019 edition of our EdChoice...
Jan 08

Researcher Profile Podcast: James Shuls

In this episode of EdChoice Chats, our Director of Fiscal Policy and Analysis Marty Lueken interviews James Shuls, a school choice researcher and EdChoice...
Jan 08

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, December 2018

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION Montana Montana Supreme Court’s struck down the state’s tax-credit scholarship program on Dec. 24, 2018. Our Vice President of Legal Affairs...

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