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You’re supporting a cause that has opened educational choice programs to more than 22 million families.

Why Others Give

“The Friedman Foundation has always been a stalwart in the fight to provide every child in America with a great education. We know that EdChoice will continue in that tradition and we will proudly continue our support.”

Dan Peters, President, Lovett and Ruth Peters Foundation

“We believe that education is important. Not just for fostering success, but for individual human flourishing. It’s a lifelong endeavor that, for most, starts in school. And we believe all children deserve the best start possible, regardless of their ZIP Code or connections. EdChoice is working to make that a reality.”

Amy Willis

“I choose to give to EdChoice because school choice works and because school choice is fair. Education is the best and most efficient way to break the cycle of poverty. Trapping kids in bad schools is inexcusable. EdChoice will lead the way in enabling more and more kids to get the education they need. I cannot think of a more worthy cause.”

Dennis Moore, President, Market Track

Additional Giving Options


You can leave an enduring legacy and help children in need of a better education by including EdChoice in your will, living trust or other estate plans.


You can celebrate a momentous occasion or commemorate a special individual when pledging your support to EdChoice.


You can give to EdChoice in a number of ways. Consider giving through your workplace or making gifts of stock.