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Training & Outreach

We’re training and equipping policymakers, advocates and parents with everything they need to advance educational choice for all families.

  • 2,000+

    legislators, parent advocates and parent organizers trained

  • 100+

    fact-finding trips and school visits to learn more about school choice

  • 92%

    of legislator training participants gave our fact-finding events an “A” rating

  • 98%

    of media training attendees rate our trainers as “excellent” and “good”


“As a Freshman Senator attending a Friedman Foundation Educational Choice summit for the first time, I have been provided a plethora of new, significant, provocative and inspirational information. The presenters were outstanding—the venue exceptional—and the execution without a single hiccup! I am sincerely grateful for the exceptional opportunity to learn and to be equipped to impact our states education. ”

Sen. Janice Bowling, Tennessee

“The training was well planned out with excellent speakers that motivated the entire crowd. I am grateful to [EdChoice] for bringing together a diverse group of ed reformers to share their experiences and for providing us with tools and best practices to enhance our parent organizing work in the field. There really are no other organizations that provide an intense level of training with so much substance other than [EdChoice]. The Parent Advocacy Training was invaluable and allows me to take tools back to our state and organization to better prepare us to continue to fight for education choice for Oklahoma’s kids.”

EdChoice parent organizer trainee

“It was a great opportunity to get some tips and good ideas, but it was also an excellent opportunity to talk with and connect to some other great individuals and organizations in the school choice movement.”

Nancy Whitted, Children’s Scholarship Fund

“I loved it. If possible I’d love to send my communications director next year. It really helps to understand how you personally come across to others.”

EdChoice media training attendee

EdChoice Experts

Need a speaker for your school choice event? We have you covered. Our roster of experts is available to discuss educational choice from a variety of perspectives at no cost to you. Browse our speaker’s bureau to learn more about our experts and request someone to present at your event.

Our Trainings

Legislator Training

Every year, we hold several regional summits where experts from all across the country come together to help state senators and representatives understand educational choice policies work, how other states are implementing and regulating them, what the research says and more. Along with inspiring speakers and networking opportunities, our experts also offer customized breakdowns of key education data at the state level.

Fact-Finding Trip

Fact-finding trips take our legislator trainings to the next level. In these special trainings, we take legislators to states with robust educational choice programs, so they can tour schools of choice, meet families who are using choice programs, learn how specific programs affect education on the ground and pick the brains of local community leaders and policymakers who are implementing educational choice every day.


A parent organizer is a community member who educates, supports and unites parents who advocate for educational choice. Our trainings are aimed at similarly supporting, energizing and equipping parent organizers. We bring in organizers of all levels from across the country to share their campaign best practices and tools of the trade—from recruitment techniques to winning messaging. One of our favorite features? Our inspiring keynote speakers, who—thanks to our intimate approach to training—are able to spend time with each and every one of our attendees.


We often work with partner groups and parent coalitions in the states to train parent advocates. Parents already have incredible stories to tell, but they often lack experience speaking in front of a camera and to news reporters. They also might be unfamiliar with the vast utility of social media to spread their message and connect with other families who need their support. Our parent advocate trainings connect parents with real reporters and messaging experts, to prepare them for what’s ahead.


Once a year, the EdChoice team invites educational choice advocates—from parents to policymakers to communications professionals—to participate in our media training in Indianapolis. Our participants are put to the test in this intense training, where veteran journalists interview them on camera and provide tips for improvement. We also offer beginner and advanced sessions on messaging, pitching stories to editors and social media strategies. By the time our media trainees leave, they report feeling much more comfortable speaking to reporters and empowered to amplify their messages in the loud, ever-changing digital world.


Now more than ever, we’ve got to be ready to offer our high-quality trainings in an online setting, including livestreams, pre-recorded webinars and digital versions of our most popular research and resources. Contact our Training and Outreach team to learn more.