Ben Scafidi, Author at EdChoice

Unbundling: A New Way to Approach Teacher Professional Development and Classroom Supplies

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle paying for classroom supplies.

Unbundling: Rethinking How We Deliver Remedial Services to Students Who Need Them

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle funding for remediation programs.

“The Integration Anomaly” Author Responds to Critics

My report, The Integration Anomaly, relies on dozens of empirical studies and logic from simulation models calibrated to real-world data to make a claim that universal school choice programs

New Research on School Segregation Shows Startling Trends

Six decades after the landmark decision of Brown v. Board of Education, many students still attend schools that are segregated by race or class. And this isn’t just a

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Will School Choice Lead to Fewer Resources for Students Who Remain in Public Schools?

As recent polling data indicates, a significant majority of people believe that allowing parents to take the taxpayer funds dedicated for the education of their children to choose the

ESAs are Key to Improving Ed, Attracting Talent in Detroit

It has been sad to watch the spectacular fall of the once great American city of Detroit. From 1950 to the present, the population of Detroit has dropped from

Top-Down Reform vs. Market Reform of K–12 Education

Newly elected officials interested in “improving” K–12 education might sound a lot like Optimus Prime: “Reform and roll out!” But just like the Transformers, although policymakers’ reforms will differ

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan for America’s Public Schools

School teachers and leaders at America’s public schools typically don’t place much value in private school choice’s worth. However, that education policy could raise their own stock considerably—and literally.

The “Fruits” and the Future of Centralization in Public Schools

Centralization in public schools through school district consolidation was pitched as a way to save administrative costs in American public schools. Instead, public school administration has mirrored the trend

Reasons the Public Education System Has Become Increasingly Centralized

Beyond just the consolidation of America’s school districts I outlined previously, there have been four sizable waves that have eroded public schools’ abilities to differentiate themselves in order to provide real alternatives

Standardized Tests: States Should Let Parents Decide

Adam Emerson of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute makes some reasonable-sounding arguments as to why states should require private school choice students to continue taking state standardized tests. As

The Decline of “Voting with Your Feet” in American Public School Districts

Historically, American public school districts have been governed by locally appointed or elected school boards, and families (mostly) have been free to live in whatever school district they wished.

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