Brian McGrath

Brian McGrath serves as the vice president of external relations for EdChoice, developing resources and partnerships that support EdChoice's nationwide efforts to promote Milton and Rose D. Friedman’s vision of school choice for all children.

Beyond The Bus: Focus Grouping The Future of K-12 Transportation

When people think about kids getting to and from school, the image that likely comes to mind first is the traditional and iconic big yellow school bus. That image may evolve, however, as the pandemic and growing educational options for families change the logistics of the school experience. Will parents continue sending their kids to […]

A Friedman Foundation Refresher Course

What does the Friedman Foundation do?

“What do you do when you go to work, Daddy?” That was the question I got from my inquisitive 8-year-old son sitting across the table from me.   Trying to keep it simple, I said, “I tell people about the idea that parents should be able to send their kids to whatever school they wanted […]

School Choice Assumptions: Suburban Parents

school choice assumptions

On any given Saturday evening in my suburban neighborhood a ritual takes place. Kids of all shapes and sizes pour into interconnecting back yards and start playing. Following closely behind, after the grass is mowed and the youth league games played, the adults pour out of the house with their glasses of wine or bottles […]