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  • Why doesn't Texas have an educational choice program?

    Several pieces of private school choice legislation were introduced in 2013. Even though Republican lawmakers adopted school choice as part of their platform, the Republican-dominated legislature failed to send any of those bills to the governor’s desk. Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has made mixed statements on private school choice, and it is not known if he will promote the creation of a private school choice program while in office. If you would like to learn more about school choice in other states, search our School Choice in America Dashboard.

  • Is anyone trying to propose an educational choice program in Texas now?

    Yes. State lawmakers introduced SB 4, which would have created a tax-credit scholarship program, in 2015. The program would have served students in foster care, students from households with income equal to or less than 250 percent of the qualifications for free and reduced-price lunch, students who enrolled in public school one year prior to application, students who have a sibling who is eligible or students who are starting school in Texas for the first time. The scholarship would provide education assistance for expenses including tuition, transportation, textbooks and other related supplies outlined in statute. The tax credit would be capped at $100 million in the first year and would provide tax credits worth up to 110 percent of the contribution to individuals or corporations who donate to scholarship granting organizations that facilitate the scholarship. The bill passed the Senate, but failed to get out of committee in the House. It was added as an amendment to school financing bill HB 1759, but that bill failed, too. For more information on the school choice movement in Texas, contact our state team.

  • Want to get involved in efforts to create Texas's first educational choice program?

    We pride ourselves on our ability to connect advocates who want to advance school choice in their state. Contact our state team to get involved.

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