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It takes a village to make school choice happen. EdChoice is here to help bring people together and equip them with high-quality research, data analysis, policy expertise, messaging strategies and more. To learn how we can help you, explore our research, check out our trainings, browse our team of EdChoice Experts and find out more about our state work.

  • We invest in state and national research to deliver the most up-to-date information on school choice.

    Our research focuses on how private school choice programs affect students, families, schools and communities. Our research team is dedicated to high-quality research methods and transparency. Search our library of research for reports on academic achievement, fiscal effects, surveys, regulations, private education markets and more.

  • We train advocates to understand school choice research, develop a message, run successful campaigns and more.

    Are you a legislator looking for more information about school choice policies? Are you a parent organizer looking for campaign best practices? Are you a supporter who needs some practice with media interviews? If you’re in the educational choice movement, we have a training for you. Click below to learn more about them.

  • We connect our school choice allies with EdChoice experts to speak at their events—for free!

    Need a speaker for your school choice event? We have you covered. Our roster of experts is available to discuss educational choice from a variety of perspectives at no cost to you. Browse our speaker’s bureau to learn more about our experts and request someone to present at your event.

  • We are on the ground supporting coalitions in key states that are driving high-quality educational choice.

    More states than ever are advancing expansive educational choice programs, and our team is here to help. Our website delivers—in great detail—educational choice program breakdowns, legislation and litigation history, program performance data, family eligibility tests, relevant state-focused research, policy feedback and more. Our state team members also are available to provide customized support to our allies in the states. Browse our School Choice in America Dashboard to get started.

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