Survey Profile

Administration/Fielding Dates: April 7 to May 16, 2022

Sponsor and Developer: EdChoice

Administration, Data Collection and Quality Control: Braun Research, Inc.

Population: General Population (Adults, Age 18+)

Sampling Frame: National sample of adults (age 18+) living in the United States, including D.C.

Sampling Method: Mixed Method (Phone: Probability-based; Dual frame | Online: Non-probability-based; Opt-in panel)

Mode: Phone for General Population, N = 495

  – Cell Phone = 79%

  – Landline = 21%

  Online for General Population, N = 705

  Phone/Online for School Parents, N = 1,200

Languages: English; Spanish option

Median Survey Time: Phone (General Population): 19.7 minutes; Online (General Population, Not School Parents): 16.3 minutes; Online (School Parents):  16.0 minutes

Sample Sizes: General Population, N = 1,200; School Parents (Plus Oversample), N = 1,200

Quotas: African-American School Parents, N = 200 [200]; Hispanic School Parents, N = 203 [200]

Weighting: General Population – Age, Census Division, Gender, Ethnicity, Race, Education, Phone Usage

    School Parents – Age, Census Region, Gender, Race

Questionnaire and topline results: Click to the Questionnaire tab to download.

Project Contact: Drew Catt,