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California has:
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  • Why doesn't California have an educational choice program?

    A tax-credit scholarship proposal was introduced in the state legislature in 2012. It would have allowed individuals and businesses to receive tax credits when donating to scholarship-giving nonprofits. Those private school scholarships would have been available only to low- and middle-income families. If you would like to learn more about school choice in other states, search our School Choice in America Dashboard.

  • Is anyone trying to propose an educational choice program in California now?

    Not yet. There has been some interest in educational choice among community leaders in Orange County. Statewide, the Pacific Research Institute and the Reason Foundation have been vocal proponents of private school choice. However, an organized effort to create an educational choice program has yet to form in California. Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has never taken legislative action for or against private school choice. For more information on the educational choice movement in California, contact our state team.

  • Want to get involved in efforts to create California's first educational choice program?

    We pride ourselves on our ability to connect advocates who want to advance educational choice in their state. Contact our state team to get involved.

California has 85 resources

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