Who We Are

Our Team

Meet the EdChoice team and learn what drives us.

Each staff member’s biography includes bonus facts about our past schooling experiences and what inspired us to join the educational choice movement.

Board Members

  • Dr. Patrick Byrne, Chairman

    CEO, Overstock.com
  • Lawrence A. O’Connor, Jr., Treasurer

  • J. Scott Enright, Secretary

    Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Emmis Communications Corp.
  • Robert C. Enlow

    President and CEO, EdChoice
  • Dr. David D. Friedman

    Professor, Santa Clara University
  • William J. Hume

    Chairman of the Board, Basic American, Inc.
  • Fred Reams

    Reams Asset Management
  • Fred Klipsch, Vice Chairman

    Chairman, Hoosiers for Quality Education
  • Virginia Walden Ford

    Education Activist
  • Dr. Michael Walker

    Chairman of the Board, The Fraser Institute Foundation

Founding Directors

  • Milton Friedman

    Nobel Laureate
  • Rose D. Friedman

    Noted Economist
  • Gordon St. Angelo

    President Emeritus, Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice
  • Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr.

    Former Governor, Indiana
  • John Mutz

    Former Lieutenant Governor, Indiana
  • J. Patrick Rooney

    Founder, Educational CHOICE Charitable Trust
  • Janet F. Martel