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  • Why doesn't Missouri have an educational choice program?

    In 2013, after eight years of efforts, Missouri lawmakers enacted “Bryce’s Law” a tax-credit scholarship program for students with special needs. Unfortunately, due to poor design after a series of amendments, the final version of the bill made the program unworkable. Subsequent efforts to create a viable funding mechanism or to enact a tax credit-funded education savings accounts have not been successful.

    If you would like to learn more about school choice in other states, search our School Choice in America Dashboard.

  • Is anyone trying to propose an educational choice program in Missouri now?

    Yes. During the 2019 legislative session, Missouri state legislators sponsored HB 476, a bill that would have created a new funding mechanism for Bryce’s Law, as well as SB 160, which would have created an education savings account (ESA) program for students living in towns or cities with a population greater than 30,000. Although the latter bill was adopted by the Missouri Senate Ways and Means Committee, it was not adopted by the full Missouri Senate due to a filibuster.

    For more information on the school choice movement in Missouri, contact our state team.

  • Want to get involved in efforts to create Missouri's first educational choice program?

    We pride ourselves on our ability to connect advocates who want to advance school choice in their state. Contact our state team to get involved.

Missouri has 91 resources

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