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Maine has 1 educational choice program.

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    Maine – Town Tuitioning Program


    Maine’s Town Tuitioning Program is the second oldest school choice program in the nation. The program, launched in 1873, allows students from a town without a public school to attend either a public school in another town or a non-religious private school. On this page, you can learn more about the program details, funding, eligibility, legal history and more.
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Fiscal Undercurrents Pulling Us Toward Universal School Choice?

Much as the Gulf Stream sets the course for trans-Atlantic cargo ships, there are many unseen socioeconomic trends that push and pull on the movement of society and public policy. In the realm of K–12 education, there are two major fiscal trends that are silently pulling the United States toward a system that would allow […]

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Maine K–12 and School Choice Survey

The “Maine K-12 & School Choice Survey” project, commissioned by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice and conducted by Braun Research, Inc. (BRI), measures Maine registered voters’ familiarity and views on a range of K-12 education topics and school choice reforms.

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How School Voucher Programs Work

How do private school vouchers work? How are they funded? How do parents use vouchers to choose the best educational options for their children? We created the helpful video above to give parents, legislators, educators and others the details about school voucher programs and how they work.

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