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Mississippi has 3 educational choice programs.

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    Mississippi – Equal Opportunity for Students with Special Needs Program

    Education Savings Account

    The Equal Opportunity for Students with Special Needs Program, an education savings accounts program, allows Mississippi students with special needs to receive a portion of their public funding in a government-authorized savings account with multiple uses. The program was enacted in 2015 and launched in fall 2015. Read on for more information about funding, eligibility and regulations associated with this program.
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    Mississippi – Nate Rogers Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Program


    The Nate Rogers Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Program was enacted and launched in 2013. It is the nation’s only voucher program designed for students with speech-language therapy needs. Students with qualifying special needs can apply for a voucher to help them attend a private school that offers speech-language therapy. Learn more about the program, including funding and eligibility here.
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    Mississippi Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship for Students with Dyslexia Program


    Mississippi has the nation’s only school choice program created exclusively for students with dyslexia. Enacted and launched in 2012, the program provides vouchers to families of children with dyslexia to attend accredited private schools with dyslexia therapy programs. On this page, learn more about the program’s funding, eligibility and restrictions.
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Friday Freakout: What Parents of Special Needs Students Say to School Choice Naysayers

Today’s post features our first parent advocate-written Friday Freakout response. If you’re a parent and would like to contribute your story and opinions as well, please contact Recently, a friend brought to my attention an article in the Hechinger Report about proposed school choice legislation for students with special needs in Mississippi. The title […]

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The Education Debit Card II

In this follow-up study, authors examine more data from Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account program, an education savings account (ESA) program. The program allows families to spend their education dollars on a variety of options, including private tutoring, learning therapies, and more. The Education Debit Card II: What Arizona Parents Purchase with Education Savings Accounts reveals ESA families’ expenditures now and how spending trends have changed since our last report.

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How Education Savings Accounts Work

Education savings accounts (ESAs) are one of the most innovative educational choice options around. But what are ESAs? How are they funded? And how do they work? This quick and simple video answers all these questions and more. Click the video to learn how ESAs are giving parents more educational options for their children.

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