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Wisconsin has 5 educational choice programs.

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    Wisconsin – Special Needs Scholarship Program


    Wisconsin’s Special Needs Scholarship Program, enacted in 2015, is the state’s fourth school voucher program. This program became available for families to use in the 2016–17 school year. Learn more about the program’s details, including eligibility, funding, regulations, and more, on this page.  
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    Wisconsin – K–12 Private School Tuition Deduction

    Individual Tax Credit/Deduction

    Wisconsin enacted this individual tax deduction in 2013 and launched it in 2014. All taxpaying families in the state are eligible and can apply for an individual tax deduction after paying for K–12 private school tuition. Learn more about this program, including eligibility, rules and regulations here.
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    Wisconsin – Parental Choice Program (Statewide)


    Wisconsin’s statewide Parental Choice Program, a private school voucher program, was enacted and launched in 2013. The program offers school vouchers to students whose families meet certain income qualifications and are not assigned to the Milwaukee Public Schools or Racine Unified school districts. Learn more about the program’s funding, eligibility and regulations in this section.
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    Wisconsin – Parental Private School Choice Program (Racine)


    Wisconsin enacted and launched the Parental Private School Choice Program in Racine in 2011. The program offers private school vouchers to Racine families who meet certain income restrictions. Continue reading this page for more program details, including funding, eligibility, regulations and more.
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    Wisconsin – Milwaukee Parental Choice Program


    Milwaukee’s Parental Choice Program was enacted and launched in 1990 and is considered the nation’s first modern private school choice program. It offers private school vouchers to low-income Milwaukee students. Learn more about this pioneering school voucher program, including funding, eligibility, rules and legal history, here.

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Will Wisconsin School Vouchers “Drain Billions” from Public Schools?

Wisconsin has a long and rich history of school choice, with tens of thousands of families having availed themselves of the opportunities to choose by enrolling their children in private schools. However, a legitimate concern for citizens is whether Wisconsin school vouchers will siphon resources from K–12 public schools, especially given that a vast majority of […]

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A Win-Win Solution

A vast body of research shows educational choice programs improve academic outcomes for students and schools, saves taxpayers money, reduces segregation in schools and improves students’ civic values. The fourth edition of A Win-Win Solution: The Empirical Evidence on School Choice brings together 100 empirical studies on each of these essential questions in one comprehensive report.

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How School Vouchers Work

What are private school voucher programs? Who funds them? How do parents utilize these programs to provide better educational options to their children? Watch this informational video for the answers to these questions and more.

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