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school choice

North Carolina

North Carolina has 2 educational choice programs.

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    North Carolina – Opportunity Scholarships


    North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarships program was enacted in 2013 and launched in 2014. It provides private school vouchers to children of low-income households. Families can use these school vouchers to pay for tuition, transportation, equipment and other necessary private school expenses. Learn more about this program’s eligibility requirements, rules and regulations on this page.
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    North Carolina – Special Education Scholarship Grants for Children with Disabilities


    This North Carolina school voucher program was enacted in 2013 and launched in 2014. Students with qualifying special needs are eligible to receive school vouchers, which are awarded by semester, rather than school year. Families may use vouchers to pay private school tuition or homeschool services. Learn more about the program’s participation rates, funding, rules and more on this page.
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Friday Freakout: Does Universal Public School Choice Result in Administrative Chaos?

Raleigh’s News & Observer published an article this week titled “NC bill would let students attend any public school” about a proposed bill that would allow open enrollment in North Carolina. The universal public school choice program would allow students to cross district lines without all the red tape and expensive fees parents must endure […]

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The Integration Anomaly

The Integration Anomaly: Comparing the Effects of K–12 Education Delivery Models on Segregation in Schools examines existing evidence to answer several questions. How have race and income segregation changed in public schools over time? How have school choice programs affected integration in schools—both public and private? Historically, how has government-compelled integration had an impact on schools and neighborhoods? And how can policymakers design education systems that will result in healthy race and income integration in schools?

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How School Vouchers Work

Private school vouchers can help certain families send their children to private schools that best meet their educational needs. How do these programs work, how are they funded and how do they benefit children and families? Watch this helpful video to answer all these questions and more.

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