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Minnesota has 2 educational choice programs.

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    Minnesota – K–12 Education Credit

    Individual Tax Credit/Deduction

    Minnesota’s K–12 Education Credit program was enacted in 1997 and launched in 1998. The individual tax credit program offers families a refundable tax credits for non-tuition educational expenses like tutoring, educational after-school programs and books. Learn more about this program, including the value of the tax credit and student eligibility on this page.
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    Minnesota – Education Deduction

    Individual Tax Credit/Deduction

    This individual tax deduction program, enacted in 1955, allows parents to deduct educational expenses, including tuition, tutoring, books and more. Eligible expenses reduce a family’s taxable income when taxes are filed. Learn more about this program, including the tax deduction value, student eligibility and regulations on this page.
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Top Seven Findings from Our Minnesota School Choice, K–12 Education Survey

Minnesota voters like public schools and private school choice policies. Minnesota has a long history of bucking conventional thinking about K–12 education. Most important, the state is known for implementing policies that enhance the flexibility of families to send their children to the schools that fit them best, whether public or private. In 1955, Minnesota […]

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Minnesota K–12 and School Choice Survey

The “Minnesota K-12 & School Choice Survey” project, commissioned by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice and conducted by Braun Research, Inc. (BRI), measures Minnesota registered voters’ familiarity and views on a range of K-12 education topics and school choice reforms.

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How Education Tax Credits/Deductions Work

How do individual tax credits and deductions help Minnesota families cover educational expenses? This video details how tax credits and deductions work, and how they can help families choose the best educational fit for their children.

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