Throughout the week during ASU+GSV, EdChoice will be hosting panel discussions and meet-ups that will help facilitate conversation around education innovation and what the future could look like. Below are descriptions of each event.

Building Bridges: A New Path Forward for Ed Reform:
Join us as EdChoice CEO Robert Enlow paints a path forward for greater collaboration and inclusiveness for the Ed Reform Movement.

The Path to Education Freedom & Innovation
Education leaders who consistently succeed for kids and families share more than just a calling. Public, Private or Charter, At-Home or Microschool Learning Pod; achievement is in much more than a name. What’s the secret ingredient each of these innovators brings to the table?

Engage with education entrepreneurs from across the country and Yass Prize 2021 and 2022 Finalists and STOP Award Winners. Join the team that’s working to ensure the best innovators are heard, and the conversation on how education can better prepare for the future.

The Future of K-12 Education: Empowering the New Generation of Education Entrepreneurs and Education Innovators
As new opportunities continue to arise for the next generation of education entrepreneurs and innovators, what programs are being developed to help encourage and support their growth in this ever-changing space. Join Brian McGrath, EdChoice Vice President of External Affairs, as he discusses new programs/resources from EdChoice and provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs/innovators to discuss future policy changes, etc., that they see needed in the near future to continue supporting the growth of their work.

Black Parents Views & Perspectives on K–12 Education
Over the past few years, EdChoice has increased its efforts to build and strengthen relationships with African American and Hispanic communities around educational opportunity. As we continue building our outreach efforts, we wanted to know specifically how Black parents feel about K-12 Education. Join us as Emory Edwards, EdChoice Vice President of Outreach, discusses the results of our national Black Parent’s poll that was intentionally created for and with the input of Black parents, educators, and Black-led advocacy organizations.

EdChoice + Reinventing America’s Schools Podcast: The Future of Education Series w/Curtis Valentine
Join us as we co-produce a special series of the Reinventing America’s School Podcast with Curtis Valentine as he asks his special guest their thoughts on the Future of Education.

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