EdChoice  Policy Toolkit

As with all policies, policymakers crafting legislation to create a school choice program have to make numerous decisions about policy design: Who should be eligible? How should it be funded? How can we ensure accountability without too much red tape? Which state agency should have the responsibility of running or overseeing the program?

In the EdChoice Policy Toolkit, we summarize the main elements of educational choice policy design, discuss potential tradeoffs and make suggestions for designing policies that empower all families with educational opportunity.

Simply click below to download each piece of the toolkit.

  • Eligibility and Scale: Universal or Targeted?

  • Admissions: School Missions or Open Admissions?

  • Testing: Single Test or Menu of Options?

  • Uses: Traditional Vouchers or Education Savings Accounts (ESAs)?

  • Administration: Nonprofits and State Agencies

  • ESA Financial Accountability: Reimbursements, Debit Cards or Online Platforms?

  • Tax-Credit Scholarships: A Primer on Policy Options

  • A Guide for Producing Fiscal Notes for Private Educational Choice Programs

Have questions about this toolkit? We’re here to help. Email our Director of Policy Jason Bedrick at jason@edchoice.org. If you have specific questions about crafting fiscal notes, please email our Director of Fiscal Policy and Analysis at marty@edchoice.org.