Greg Forster, Author at EdChoice

Friday Freakout: Why Doug Harris is Wrong About the Empirical Evidence on School Choice

Tulane University Professor Douglas N. Harris gets the research wrong in his response to a Wall Street Journal editorial praising school choice. The Journal referenced the fourth edition of

What the Data Show on School Choice and Segregation

Note: This post was originally published on Education Next. The Century Foundation has published a report by Halley Potter that claims private school choice will increase ethnic segregation in schools.

The Next Accountability Part 5: How We Get What We Want

  District schools, charter schools and private schools, and the teachers who educate within them, need accountability if they’re going to perform their best. The technocratic paradigm of accountability—testing-driven

The Next Accountability Part 4: Who We Are

The crisis over accountability in the education reform movement is revealing that we lack a basis for building consensus on what makes a good education. Without at least some

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The Next Accountability Part 3: What We Don’t Want from Schools

In this series we have been looking at some uncomfortable truths about education policy. In this installment we’re going to look at how the education reform movement has avoided

The Next Accountability Part 2: Where We Get What We Want

In our society we are free to disagree about what is good, true and beautiful, and as a result we lack consensus about what is a good education. Since

The Next Accountability Part 1: What We Want

Accountability begins with the question: What do we want from schools? Education should help people grow into their potential as human beings, and education reform should fix our system

The Next Accountability: Getting What We Want from Schools – Without Technocracy

For decades, the word “accountability” brought education reformers together. Today, it’s driving us apart. Our forefathers built the education reform movement on a foundation that all reformers shared: We

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