Robbie Rhinesmith

Robbie Rhinesmith is a former state programs and government relations director for the Friedman Foundation. He is currently a policy analyst with Project Lead the Way and the board treasurer for Indiana Connections Academy.

Idaho House Passes Tax-Credit Scholarship Bill

idaho tax-credit scholarship

Idaho is one step closer to joining 13 other states in providing parents tax-credit scholarships for their children’s education. Tax-credit scholarship programs allow individuals or businesses to donate money to nonprofit scholarship granting organizations (SGOs) and receive a corresponding credit against their state taxes. The SGOs then award scholarships to eligible students to pay tuition […]

Only ‘Snobs’ Go to Private Schools

Only Snobs go to Private Schools

“Over half of the families we serve qualify for the federal free or reduced(-price) lunch program, and every high school student at Memphis Catholic participates in the [Education That Works] corporate intern program to earn approximately two-thirds of their tuition by working five full days per month for a (sic) ETW sponsor. Some 60 percent […]

How to Become a Teacher: Public vs. Private

how to become a teacher

“Those who can’t do, teach,” goes the common refrain. But not among education reformers, many of whom say changing that attitude is the key to lasting systemic improvement in our schools. And research seems to back them up, as studies show teachers are the most important school-based factor in a student’s performance. So how does someone […]