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Education reform and “school choice” have been polarizing conversations, both from a national and local perspective over the past few years. These conversations around school choice have been even more critical in communities of color as they seek to improve the quality of education in many inner-city urban neighborhoods across the country.

Families have been placed in the middle of the territorial battles between those who favor focusing on improving traditional district-run schools versus those who favor looking at all available options (charter, private, homeschooling, etc.) to ensure students of color receive a quality education. These conversations have traditionally been led by individuals from outside the African American community. However, there has been a rise of new voices from within the African American community who want to engage in candid and honest dialogue around the possibilities that school choice could have for Black & Brown students.

From Our Perspective is a glimpse into the dialogue—the conversations, the challenges, the testimonies—that are regularly discussed by these community-centered voices in the education reform movement.

Join us as Naomi Shelton and Curtis Valentine along with Chris Stewart, Michael Phillips, Alisha Thomas Morgan (Searcy), Dr. Kathaleena Edward Monds, Dr. Charles Cole, Sekou Biddle, India Johnson, Deirdra Reed and Walter Blanks, Jr. have this authentic conversation about education.


Screening Dates and Locations

June 30th – 5:30 PM | New Orleans, LA | House of Blues New Orleans

July 23rd – 2:30 PM | Washington, D.C. | The Conrad DC – Conservatory Ballroom

October 8th – 2:30 PM | Dallas, TX | Angelika Film Center

Additional screening information will be posted.

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