Indiana’s School Options – School Finder Tool

This interactive map allows families, policymakers and educational entrepreneurs to identify highly and poorly rated schools of all types.

Filter to find schools in your area and click the drops for more information about each school. Want to know whether you are in a schooling desert? Use the overlay filters in the blue section to see how far your driving distance would be from highly rated schools and/or schools of choice, such as charter, magnet and voucher-participating private schools. To download the full Indiana’s Schooling Deserts report that inspired this map, click here.

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Are you in a schooling desert?

If you fall outside the shaded overlays, you are in a schooling desert.

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“A-Rated” includes A-rated schools of all types, and “Choice” includes charter, magnet and voucher-accepting private schools only.

Schooling deserts generated in Maptitude Geographic Information System (GIS) software © Caliper Corporation