Ann Marie Miller

Ann Marie Miller

Communications and Content Associate

As EdChoice’s communications and content associate, Ann Marie leads project management, content creation and supports all Communications projects. 

She comes to EdChoice with a background in storytelling, writing and social media marketing. Prior to this role, Ann Marie served as a storyteller for the Illinois Policy Institute illustrating the intersection of public policy and people’s lives, business and choices.  

She graduated from George Mason University with a master’s degree in economics and earned a interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in Economics, Spanish and Japanese from Western Carolina University.

Favorite Quote

“Service to others is the rent you pay for you room here on Earth.”
— Muhammad Ali

Favorite Teacher/Class

Dr. Mulholland, MacroEconomics

High School Mascot


Favorite Pastimes

Exercise, creating social content about credit education

Inspiration for Joining the Educational Choice Movement

At Illinois Policy, I published 17 school choice stories and interviewed dozens of parents, donors, students, and faculty about the importance of Illinois’ Invest in Kids Tax Credit scholarships. Although 9,000 kids rely on these scholarships and more than 25,000 are on the waiting list, legislators in Illinois are willing to leave their constituencies without choice. After fighting on the front line for Illinois families, I look forward to continuing the fight for choice through communicating its necessity for every family across the country.