Paul DiPerna

Vice President of Research and Innovation

Paul DiPerna is vice president of research and innovation for EdChoice. He joined the organization in 2006. Paul’s research interests include surveys and polling on K–12 education and school choice reforms. He oversees the research activities and projects either produced or commissioned by the organization. EdChoice has published more than 110 reports, papers and briefs during his time leading the research program.

Paul presents survey research findings and discusses school choice politics and policies with audiences, including public officials, policy professionals, academics and advocates. His professional memberships and activities include participation in the AEI Leadership Network, American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), Association for Education Finance and Policy (AEFP), and International School Choice and Reform Conference (ISCRC).

Previously, Paul served as the assistant director for the Brown Center on Education Policy at the Brookings Institution. He was a research analyst for the first five issues of the Brown Center Report on American Education (2000–2004). He also managed and coordinated the activities of the National Working Commission on Choice in K–12 Education (2001–2005).

Paul earned a master’s in political science from the University of Illinois (2000) and bachelor’s degree from the University of Dayton (1996). He currently lives in Zionsville, Indiana, with his wife and two daughters.

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Favorite Quote

“Adhere to your purpose and you will soon feel as well as you ever did. On the contrary, if you falter, and give up, you will lose the power of keeping any resolution, and will regret it all your life.”
— Abraham Lincoln Letter to Quintin Campbell (1862)
“I’ve seen you guys can shoot but there’s more to the game than shooting. There’s fundamentals and defense.”
— Coach Norman Dale (Hoosiers, 1986)

Favorite Subjects

Public Affairs, American History

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Favorite Pastimes

Traveling with my wife. Playing catch with my daughters. Following Pittsburgh and Indiana sports teams.

Inspiration for Joining the Educational Choice Movement

Evidence that programs produce positive outcomes for students and families. Unaddressed demand for different types of schooling.