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Whether introducing or reviewing legislation, policymakers can expect certain outcomes from educational choice based on how proposals are crafted. The following features and services will make navigating the nuances of educational choice easy.

  • How do school choice programs in the states stack up to one another?

    Explore the shared and unique traits of America’s 61 school choice programs passed into law in 30 states and the District of Columbia. Our School Choice in America Dashboard also includes current and historical student and school participation, eligibility and funding data for every U.S. program—all downloadable for your convenience.

  • What school choice policies are states already using?

    Educational choice—often referred to as school choice—encompasses more than just school vouchers and charter schools. Learn the strengths, opportunities and mechanics of every type of educational choice option with our helpful definitions and how-it-works videos.

  • The EdChoice Policy Toolkit

    Policymakers crafting legislation to create a school choice program have to make important decisions about policy design. In the EdChoice Policy Toolkit, we share the elements of educational choice policy design, discuss potential tradeoffs and make suggestions for designing policies that empower all families with educational opportunity.

  • What does the research say about school choice programs?

    Search our library for state and national research on how school choice affects students, parents, schools, taxpayers and voters.

  • How can I get in touch with EdChoice’s state experts?

    Contact our team of state directors who can provide you customized policy recommendations and share best practices—and probable outcomes—for each type of school choice program.

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