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  • Jun 02 2015

Earning Full Credit

By Jason Bedrick, M.P.P.

Author Jason Bedrick argues that in order to earn full credit for its innovative school choice programs, Indiana should take the program a step further.

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In this report, you will learn:

  • 1

    Tax-Credit Breakdown

    The report compares Indiana’s tax credit program with others around the nation. The program ties Oklahoma for last place in the value of the credit, which is 50 percent of eligible donations.
  • 2

    Indiana Regulations

    Indiana’s program caps total available tax credits at $7.5 million. Increasing this cap could provide thousands more children with game-changing private school scholarships.
  • 3

    Students Benefit

    Although this program currently benefits thousands of Indiana students, the author estimates that more than 100,000 scholarship-eligible students would participate were the program expanded.
  • 4

    Further Recommendations

    The author makes several suggestions for improving Indiana’s tax credit program, including doubling the amount of tax credits available, adding an “escalator clause” to automatically raise the tax credit cap, and raising the total tax credit value.

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