Indiana K–12 and School Choice Survey - 2016


  • Jan 20 2016

Indiana K–12 & School Choice Survey

By Paul DiPerna

The Indiana K–12 & School Choice Survey polls voters on the current state of education in the state, Indiana’s Choice Scholarship Program, education savings accounts, and more. The survey includes several split-sample questions, as well as an extensive breakdown of results by various demographic subgroups.

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In this report, you will learn:

  • 1

    Indiana voters view the state’s current K–12 education system negatively.

    Only about 1/3 of voters said that Indiana’s K–12 public education system is going in the “right direction,” and only 42 percent of voters rated the state’s public school system as good or excellent. Opinions about the current state of education in Indiana varied across demographic groups, but the overall tone was negative.
  • 2

    A large majority of Hoosiers support Indiana’s Choice Scholarship Program.

    More than four years after its launch, Indiana’s Choice Scholarship Program has strong bipartisan support across geographic areas and demographic groups. Support is highest in urban areas, particularly the Indianapolis Metro area, among African Americans, and among low-income earners.
  • 3

    A majority of voters support the idea of education savings accounts (ESAs).

    Nearly two out of three voters viewed ESAs favorably, with more than one-third “strongly” favorable to the idea. All subgroups supported ESAs by a solid positive margin, though some groups are more strongly in favor than others.
  • 4

    Hoosiers want to see standardized testing given lower priority.

    A plurality of voters—especially school parents—believe kids are spending too much time on standardized testing. While voters think standardized tests are important, they generally gave standardized testing a middle- to low-priority rating for assessing school quality and crafting educational policy.

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