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  • Nov 13 2013

More Than Scores

By Ben Scafidi, Ph.D., James P. Kelly, III, J.D.

This report—which focuses on the survey results of parents in Georgia’s tax-credit scholarship program—reveals why and how parents of all incomes and education levels choose private schools for their children.

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In this report, you will learn:

  • 1

    Test Scores

    Across the board, parents report schools’ standardized test scores are one of the least important pieces of information they consider when choosing a school.
  • 2

    Important Factors

    Parents weigh a variety of information when choosing a school, including: student-teacher ratio, curriculum, and college acceptance rates.
  • 3

    Class Differences

    Low-income and less educated parents are just as likely to put time and effort into choosing a school, and are more likely to consider factors like graduation and college acceptance rates.
  • 4

    Desire for Information

    Parents from all class, educational, and racial backgrounds want information on private schools, and 93 percent are willing to take three or more inconvenient steps to get it.

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