Private School Pioneers: Private School Management Organizations


  • Dec 02 2015

Private School Pioneers

By Juliet Squire, Kelly Robson, Andy Smarick

Recently, private school leaders have taken notice of some of the propelling forces behind charter school growth: charter management organizations (CMOs) and education management organizations (EMOs). To achieve sustainability and growth in the private school sector, some private schools have adopted a network model through private school management organizations (PSMOs), which are independent entities that operate or help operate three or more private schools.

In this study, the authors examine the operations of existing PSMOs and define them by typologies. The authors also warn of potential pitfalls, surface questions for future research, and recommend ways to engage with these fledgling organizations.

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In this report, you will learn:

  • 1

    PSMO definitions, typologies, and recommendations

    What are PSMOs? What differentiates one from another? And what are some potential pitfalls these important new networks should avoid moving forward?
  • 2

    Redemptive PSMOs: Stability for existing schools

    These church-affiliated PSMOs take over existing schools, often those serving low-income populations, with a focus on financial stability. They tend to centralize operations, but have not yet standardized their academic programs.
  • 3

    Expansion PSMOs: Making new seats available

    These centralized PSMOs are typically independent from religious institutions. They often take an existing academic and curricular model that is working well, and seek to replicate it in new schools.
  • 4

    Hybrid PSMOs: Adding innovation to the mix

    These PSMOs share similarities with both Redemptive and Expansion models, but they have developed innovative approaches to operational and instructional challenges.

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