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  • May 30 2014

Public Rules on Private Schools

By Drew Catt

How do school choice programs affect regulations on private schools? And what is the ultimate impact of program-related regulations?

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In this report, you will learn:

  • 1

    Data and Methods

    Other researchers have studied those same questions; however, the data and methods used in this report differ significantly from previous approaches, allowing for new insights.
  • 2

    Choice Program Impacts

    A look at past and present regulations shows that the majority of regulations affecting program-participating private schools existed before choice programs were enacted.
  • 3

    Regulatory Burdens

    The report uses a Regulatory Impact Scale to determine not just how many regulations are placed on private schools due to choice programs, but also the weight of the regulatory burden.
  • 4

    Recommendations for Regulators

    In light of this data, policymakers should avoid regulatory overlap, consider regulatory costs to private schools, and ensure that all schools are reimbursed for costs associated with regulations.

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