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  • Apr 20 2015

The Achievement Checkup

By Alex Schuh

The Achievement Checkup is a cross-sectional survey of participants of the Children’s Scholarship Fund Baltimore (CSFB), a private school scholarship organization for low-income students. The report examines scholarship students’ experiences after using scholarships to attend private schools.

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In this report, you will learn:

  • 1

    High School Graduation Rates

    Graduation rates for the CSFB participants who responded to the survey were much higher than both national averages and Baltimore City Public Schools’ graduation rates.
  • 2

    College Enrollment Rates

    The majority—84 percent—of scholarship students went on to enroll in college.
  • 3

    College Preparation

    Stronger college preparatory environments were positively correlated with higher college enrollment rates, but the types of preparation high schools offer varies.
  • 4

    Further Suggestions

    The results from this limited survey suggest that low-income students who receive scholarships to private elementary schools may be more likely to pursue college; however, college preparatory programs in high school appear to be essential for students to make the transition.

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