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  • Sep 30 2014

The School Voucher Audit

By Jeff Spalding

Read this report for a program-by-program breakdown of school voucher costs and savings.

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In this report, you will learn:

  • 1

    Overall Savings

    This report shows that, in total, the ten programs examined have saved more than $1.7 billion in cumulative net savings since the 1990–91 school year.
  • 2

    Common Complications

    This report explains the complications of determining exactly how much a school voucher program costs or saves, including labyrinthine funding policies and “private school propensity.”
  • 3

    Fiscal Effects

    Some schools’ costs are fixed; others are variable. This report breaks down the general effects of school choice programs on individual school budgets.
  • 4

    Savings by Program

    Researchers analyze conservative cost-savings estimates for nine active school voucher programs and one inactive school voucher program.

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