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The world of school choice is constantly in motion. With our helpful supply of resources, you’ll never fall behind. If you’re looking for timely, thought-provoking content, our website offers answers to frequently asked questions, convenient fast facts, diverse blog content and quarterly newsletters to keep our supporters, curious readers and media updated on school choice trends.

  • We set the record straight and debunk school choice myths in our Frequently Asked Questions.

    It is common for the myths and truths surrounding school choice to become mixed up in the fray of rhetoric and debate. Let us be your source for data-rich answers to the most frequently asked school choice questions. We provide all of the research—meticulously sourced—so you can draw informed conclusions of your own.

  • We organize all of the essential school choice stats in one place to make reporting on school choice issues easier.

    Did you know the first modern school voucher program was created in 1990, and there are now 24 school voucher programs across the country? To create our Fast Facts, we compiled state-level information to provide a national snapshot of vital statistics on school choice. View them all to become an instant expert.

  • We publish articles written by our in-house experts and a host of other guest bloggers to drive the dialogue around school choice.

    Whether we are breaking down new research, summarizing legislation in the states, declaring our position on an issue, sharing a family story or responding to the false claims of a critic—the EdChoice blog has something for everyone in the educational choice movement. Browse our collection of content by visiting our blog or sign up for our email updates to receive a selection of our most-read posts each month.

  • We recap the most important school choice happenings so our supporters always know the latest.

    ENGAGE, formerly The School Choice Advocate, is a quarterly print newsletter that recaps the most recent educational choice legislation, legal action, research and other happenings. In every newsletter, we employ creative design to feature news and trends using charts, infographics, how-tos, field guides, toolkits and more. Download our newsletters online or be the first to receive them by contacting us to sign up for our mailers.

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