EdChoice will host three School Choice in America Legislator Summits in 2017. These two-day events will bring together state legislators interested in learning more about educational choice; how it works, what the research says and what it means for constituents.
School Choice in America Summits this year:

Deep Dive into School Choice: Program Design, Fiscal Effects, Parental Satisfaction and Public Engagement

Our Deep Dive summits will each deliver an in-depth look at high-quality educational choice programs that provide the greatest opportunity for K–12 students. Lawmakers will hear from colleagues in other states as well as nationally renowned fiscal experts who have studied taxpayer savings from diverse types of school choice programs.  Research and polling experts will present information about why parents choose a school choice program and what they’re looking for when they do. This summit also features Q&A sessions with families who currently are using school choice programs as well as best practices for successfully educating others about the issue in your state.
Option 1
Portland, Maine

August 20–22
Option 2
Lake Tahoe, California (closest airport is Reno, NV)
Sept 10–12

The Basics of School Choice

Our School Choice 101 summit introduces lawmakers to the fundamentals of educational choice; how it’s been implemented in more than 30 states, potential legal challenges and, most importantly, the benefits for K–12 students and their families. This summit includes the basics of program design and fiscal analysis, public polling on the issue and best practices for developing a positive, educational conversation about the issue in your state.
Bonita Beach, Florida
Sept 24–26

*EdChoice is a non-profit, non-partisan, 501(c)3 charitable organization. The purpose of this conference is to provide in-depth information on school choice, including research and technical assistance, while providing an opportunity for policymakers to exchange ideas on the most pressing education policy issues relevant to their communities. Conference participants are responsible for complying with all governing state laws. This notice does not constitute an offer and is void in jurisdictions where prohibited.