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Illinois has 1 private school choice program.

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    Illinois – Tax Credits for Educational Expenses

    Individual Tax Credit/Deduction

    Illinois’ Tax Credits for Educational Expenses program was enacted in 1999 and launched in 2000 to help families afford the public, private, or home school options that fit their children’s needs. Learn more about the program’s details on this page, including eligibility, funding, regulations, legal history, and more.
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America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Purchasing Power, 2016 Edition

We’ve given our readers an overview of school choice programs across the nation this week with rankings based on eligibility and family participation. But one major question still remains: How well are these programs funded? The best school choice policies make as many children as possible eligible to participate, but also empower participants to truly afford […]
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A Win-Win Solution

Do school choice initiatives really benefit students and schools? Do school choice programs cost taxpayers more money, or save money? This report synthesizes the latest empirical research on school choice to answer those questions and more.

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How Education Tax Credits/Deductions Work

This video explains school choice tax credits and deductions. How do tax credits and deductions work, and how do they benefit families who pay for private school? Get all the details in one minute with this fun animated video.

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