Bartley R. Danielsen

Dr. Bartley Danielsen is an Associate Professor of Finance and Real Estate in the Poole College of Business at North Carolina State University and the President of Environmentalists for Effective Education, a 501(c)3 charity seeking to reduce urban sprawl and its environmental effects by improving k-12 education in urban areas. Visit <a href=""></a> to learn more.

Struggling Schools, School Choice and the Fear of Gentrification

School choice and gentrification

Part I of this series described how giving families more school options can lead to economic growth, and in part II, I discussed how experts with the same facts can disagree about the nature of a problem based on their lens—thinking of solutions from inside vs. outside schools. In this post, I’ll examine another common […]

Could We Solve Poverty and Pollution with School Choice?

Poverty Pollution School Choice

It may seem obvious—people want to live near the best schools. But have you ever thought about the problems created when families flee weak school districts? Recently, while visiting Atlanta, I came face-to-face with a disheartening reality: the sight of neighborhoods in deep poverty sitting in the shadows of gleaming skyscrapers. These mammoth buildings contain […]