Derrell Bradford

Derrell Bradford is an education entrepreneur, with deep experience bringing people together to find creative solutions to today’s educational achievement challenges.

Friday Freakout: Is Education a Consumer Good?

Is education a consumer good?

In a response to this tweet last week, the Friedman Foundation questioned what makes education a public good and examined how school choice affects it in those terms. I have a different perspective, so stick with me. I’ve been giving a talk about disruptive technology and what it means as we work to improve educational […]

Why the ACLU is Afraid of School Vouchers

ACLU opposes school vouchers

An ACLU blog post this month questioning the intentions of School Choice Week and the policy impact of “vouchers” was disappointing, particularly in its framing of school vouchers and voucher advocates as one-trick policy ponies. More important, however, it just shows the fundamental misunderstanding of “choice” in American education. Which is to say, there’s a […]