Stephanie Linn

Stephanie Linn previously served as a state programs and government relations director for the Friedman Foundation. She is currently a senior research associate at Project Lead the Way.

Philadelphia Families Stuck on Waiting Lists Calling for School Choice

Philadelphia Families Stuck on Waiting Lists

The birthplace of our nation is also one of the key cities that became a wellspring for modern-day school choice programs. Unfortunately, Philadelphia freedom is unnecessarily at risk. In the late 1990s, private foundations in Philly began providing scholarships to children from low-income families so they may attend the private school of their parents’ choice. […]

Tennessee Senate Passes New School Choice Voucher Program, House Next

tennessee passes school choice voucher program

Tennessee is close to adopting what would be the 24th school choice voucher program in the nation. Today the Tennessee Senate approved SB196, the Tennessee Choice & Opportunity Scholarship Act, sponsored by Sen. Mark Norris (R), Sen. Brian Kelsey (R), and Sen. Jim Summerville (R). The sections below represent key parameters of this voucher proposal, […]

Education Savings Accounts Fail in Mississippi, Alive in Florida

Education Savings Accounts Mississippi

“If my son had access to (an education savings account) earlier in his school career, he could have had access to online courses and consistent speech therapy that would have likely helped him reach his educational goals. Let’s face it. Kids learn differently. Maybe a different approach to education could help other children who learn […]

Mississippi Legislature Advances School Choice ESAs

School Choice ESAs in Mississippi

UPDATED BELOW With the advance of its school choice ESAs, Mississippi is closer to becoming the second state, behind Arizona, to adopt education savings accounts, which allow parents to withdraw their children from public schools and receive a deposit of public funds into government-authorized savings accounts with restricted, but multiple, uses. Those funds can cover […]